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My name is Liz and I love travelling (oh really?) although I wouldn’t say I have been a “big” traveller so far. During my childhood, my dear parents would always prefer to spend summers on the beach in the same country (not that I complain!), but over the years my interest to learn about the world out there and thirst for travelling have grown bigger and bigger, especially since I got a real job (yes! you guessed it, I am a Millennial).

Since my half-emancipation (now full emancipation, yay!), I have lived in a few countries – Belgium, Estonia, France, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and United States (all in alphabetic order, I will let you guess where I am from and where I live now 😇 ) – and in one of them, I met the love of my life, my hubby (hereinafter “H”).

This doesn’t make me/us “big” traveller(s) yet, and will explain more about this below, but because of one reason or another (lack of means or holidays I guess) a few years ago we would barely go outside Europe (hint), but now we have started to do at least one “big” trip per year and after all the research behind and enjoyment during, I feel like our first-hand experience could help others plan their own trips!

We really hope you will like this blog and find it useful
That’s its purpose!

A few things to highlight about this travel blog

FREQUENCY. Don’t expect too much frequency in posting… H and I have jobs and don’t live in our home country, which means we need to balance our holidays between going back to our homes and usually (if allowed by H) aim for one “big” trip every year. But before COVID-19 I used to do weekend escapes with friends and hopefully I can resume these soon for the sake of this blog!

LANGUAGE. You may have already realised that I am not a native English speaker, so please bear with my false friends, strange grammar and maybe invented words 😅 and let’s not mention my often wrong use of prepositions and phrasal verbs…

PHOTOS. Don’t expect Pulitzer photos here… I am not a great photographer… plus I just don’t care that much about photos when I travel, although I then regret not taking more (or wish at least knowing how to manage my photos better in general, ugh)… I, however, (fortunately or unfortunately) prefer to enjoy the present moment in general, look at the landscape through my own eyes and forget about the camera lens on my phone.

EAGERNESS. I have a slight tendency to overprogramme itineraries, although not to overshedule (hate scheduled visits/tours and loooove to sleep until late). But going back to my point here, I get too excited researching about the places we plan to go and then end up with an unrealistic list of things to visit and do for the time we have (what H likes to call “checkboxing” and I prefer to call “taking advantage of being in a place”). Therefore, in this blog, I will aim to make suggestions, always trying to flag what parts of an itinerary I think could be skipped in case of lack of time or just interest (and will try to justify it), and also even suggest other things we didn’t manage to do and look amazing (often happens after so much research) for those that have more time or are even more eager than I! 

Shadows of us

LOCAL? One last point, and this is something I get teased for by H very often, and maybe this comes from the fact that many of the first countries I have visited in my life where to live in them rather than for travelling: I like to travel “local”, if there is such a thing. I hate tourist traps and the more “local” tips I get from friends, blogs, etc. before a trip, the more I usually enjoy it! Don’t want to say this in a presumptuous way, we of course stay in hotels and go to touristic places like key monuments and attractions, but we also try to visit more residential neighbourhoods when going to a city, look for typical places or activities in a region, buy local souvenirs if we feel like buying souvenirs, etc. Saying this as it might be repeatedly reflected in my posts… Again, H teases me with this usually saying: “Oh let’s not go to this restaurant as it doesn’t look local enough for you” or “Were they rude to you? Didn’t you want local?” and then I would say:

[That’s not me but Rachel McAdams of course]

Why ‘The Resistance Traveller’?

Shadows of us

Maybe by now you have guessed it? H is all about doing things but travelling is not in his list of priorities, and this means I need to show a lot of resistance in general in order to manage to have him on board for a trip, plus the whole organisation usually falls on me and thus the name ‘The Resistance Traveller’.

In addition, picking up a destination is often quite difficult, either because of distance, safety or other reasons, and this requires a lot of strength 💪 and lobbying from me within the couple. Does anyone see herself/himself reflected in this situation? Please tell me I am not alone!

And yes, H is the kind of person that you take him to an amazing place and looks at you like “Yes, beautiful, but I could have lived without coming here…” 🙄 … That said, H is the most amazing and interesting person I have ever met, and has enjoyed all the trips we have done together so far (I can see it deep inside his eyes, hooray!).

My ultimate goal with this blog is that H will some day publish his own post

[That’s not me either!]

By now (if you are still reading) you will have noticed I like GIFs… one day I will share my favorite one! 😉

We would be pleased to hear from you!

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